Lead Time : 4-8 Weeks

WK-56 LT S Synea Vision Contra-angle Handpiece Short Edition

* 1:1
* with light (glass rod)
* single spray
* head size Ø 9,5 mm
* press-button chuck system for contraangle burs Ø 2,35 mm

Synea Vision contra-angle handpiece short editions: a significantly lighter contra-angle handpiece system for micromotors with a coupling length up to 23 mm.

* 7% lighter, 10% shorter
* Perfect balance and ergonomics of the overall system
* Innovative, scratch-resistant surface for complete protection
* Available in the classic range including two different head sizes for the highspeed handpiece
* Only for micromotors with an ISO coupling length of 23 mm or less
* Thermo washer disinfectable
* Sterilizable