1. General

1.1. In these terms and conditions and the Special Conditions (as defined below) (collectively referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”), “Tesco” or “we” or “us” means Tesco Dental (Hong Kong) Limited, and the “customer” or “you” means any person, firm, company or body which places an order with us. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the website or our mobile app (as the case may be) (collectively “our e-store”). By using the site or any part of it, you agree that you have read these terms and conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.

1.2. We shall make every effort to ensure that prices, details and sizes of products in our e-store are up-to-date. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and all orders are subject to our acceptance at our sole discretion and stock availability.

1.3. We shall make every effort to ensure product(s) displayed in our e-store are in stock. If from time to time any products become out of stock, we reserve the right to offer alternative product(s) of similar value and style.

1.4. All orders are subject to confirmation of final availability and we reserve the right to reject the order in the event that any of the products or services requested are unavailable.

  1. Registration

2.1. You are required to register as an account before placing any order through our e-store. During the registration:

  • You must provide us with accurate, complete and up to date registration information;
  • You are required to enter your clinic or dental lab business name and address with registration access code as a professional account to enjoy more benefits. If you have not received or lost the registration access code, please contact our customer service for more details.
  • You must safeguard your username and password;
  • You authorise us to assume that any person using the e-store with your username and password is either you or is authorized to act for you;
  • We have the absolute discretion to refuse registration of a potential customer and to terminate the registration of any customer account for any reason whatsoever.

2.2. Please inform us via our e-store/by email/by phone immediately of any changes to the information that you provided so that we can communicate with you effectively.

2.3. In the event that your account is not used for a specified period (currently, 3 years), we will, for your own and our protection, deem your account to be no longer in use, and we will deactivate your account and all your accumulated points and/or e-vouchers will be forfeited (where applicable). You will need to reapply for a new account if you wish to make further purchase at our e-store.

  1. Privacy protection

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong. Please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement.

3.1 The information collected from you will be used for the purposes of processing your membership application, arranging a contract with you and managing your account with us. The data that you have supplied in this [application/ document/ purchase] may be transferred to the providers of dental service who have referred you to us for their internal records.

  1. Payment

4.1. Our e-store accepts payment by designated credit cards, or other designated electronic means as specified by us. All product prices listed are in Hong Kong dollars. The prices listed in our e-store may differ from the prices of the same products from TESCO sales channel. The applicable price shall be the price listed in our e-store as at the date of purchase.

4.2. Acceptance of orders is subject to our sole discretion. An invoice will be issued to you when goods are delivered to your address, or goods are collected at our warehouse house (as the case may be).

4.3. We use external payment gateway “PayPal” (credit cards), “Alipay” and “Alipay appointed service provider” to process payment, people buying items on our checkout page, an external payment gateway opens a new website in a separate browser tab to process payments.

4.4. Exclusion of Liability: We are not responsible or liable in any manner for any use of the payment gateway in the course of your transaction. We are not control or responsible for the payment gateway operation or its data processing connecting through our web site.

  1. Others

5.1. Basis of supply: we only serve and deliver products to Clinic, Dental Lab and end consumers. We are not selling our products for re-sell purpose.  If we have grounds to believe that you are not purchasing our products as an end user, we reserve the right to decline or cancel your order.

5.2. Force majeure: We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, or any other causes beyond our control.

5.3. You shall not assign, transfer or otherwise any of your rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to any other third party without our prior written consent.

5.4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed to be illegal or invalid, they shall be removed from these terms and it shall not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

5.5. Intellectual Property: You acknowledge and agree that all copyright and trademarks rights in all products or content made available of this website shall remain vested in us. You are permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by us only.

5.6. These Terms and Conditions embody the entire agreement between the parties and they supersede all previous negotiations, representations and agreement between the parties.

5.7. We have the right, at any time, or from time to time, by giving prior notice to you, to modify or vary or supplement all or any of the provisions under these Terms and Conditions.

5.8. If any dispute arises, our determination shall be final.

5.9. Severability: If any term, provision or part of this Terms and Conditions is to any extent held invalid, void or unenforceable, the remainder of Terms and Conditions will not be impaired and will continue in full force and effect.

5.10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People’s Republic of China and the Customer and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. We may revise the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.


These Special Conditions are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions for Online Purchase and are applicable to any orders placed under our e-store.  Should there be any inconsistency between these Special Conditions and the above Terms and Conditions for Online Purchase, these Special Conditions prevail.

  1. TESCO payment terms

6.1. We accept PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, credit cards), Alipay and Cash on Delivery.

Note: When inputting card numbers please do not input space or dash.

6.2. Under Paypal (credit cards) Purchase Protection service customers can enjoy safe and secure shopping by using their own credit card with specific password or security code. Credit cards used for shopping should be valid and under the purchaser’s own name.

6.3. Cash vouchers: TESCO CashVouchers are not redeemable at our e-store.

6.4. e-Vouchers and e-Coupons: only designated e-Vouchers and e-Coupons accepted by us can be redeemed at our e-store subject to the terms and conditions of each respective e-Voucher / e-Coupon (as the case may be).

6.5. Where there are additional charges for delivery, such charges will be set out separately for your acknowledgement and confirmation prior to proceeding to payment.

  1. Notification for ordering

7.1. Our e-store only accepts orders for delivery in Hong Kong to the specified shipping address or collection at TESCO warehouse located in Hong Kong.

7.2. Placing an order means you agree to purchase products or services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out herein. After receiving your order, we will acknowledge receipt of your order. However, it is not an acceptance of your order. We reserve the right to reject any purchase order without giving any reasons. In the event that we are unable to accept your order (for example due to payment issue), we will notify you by phone or email.

7.3. If your order is accepted by us, we will confirm with you accordingly via email.

7.4. In case any applicable gift items of your purchased products are not available, we will contact you accordingly. You may decide whether to accept another gift item, cancel the order or continue to purchase the products.

  1. Delivery service (applicable if you have selected to have your order(s) delivered to a designated shipping address)

8.1. You may enjoy free delivery ( Hong Kong Region )service to your specified shipping address when your order satisfies our minimum purchase amount at HK$500 at our e-store (as specified under your invoice).  

8.2. Delivery service is only available at addresses located in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories. For any other special locations,, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for more details.
For buildings without lift or for product that can only access through staircases, there will be additional delivery charge.

8.3. Delivery service is not available at non-permanent address, frontier closed areas, outlaying islands, warehouse and premises which are not accessible by elevator or staircase and need to be delivered through balcony

8.4. Please check whether all your ordered items are delivered against the invoice/delivery note (as the case may be), then sign and return the delivery note to our courier to confirm your acceptance of goods. 

8.5. In case where the deliveries are delayed due to hoisting of typhoon signal no. 8 or above or black rain storm signal, we will try our best to arrange the products to be delivered on the next business day.

8.6. Delivery

  • For successful orders placed at our e-store will be confirmed by us via email and the products will be delivered to your specified shipping address within 3-5 business day.  Business days exclude Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
  • We will dispatch the deliveries as scheduled to the best of our ability.

8.7. If you fail to receive your ordered products upon the first delivery appointment or you give us inaccurate information on your address, we reserve the right to (i) charge you an additional delivery fee for subsequent delivery(es); or (ii) arrange your ordered goods to be collected by you in TESCO warehouse. 

8.8. All expected delivery dates and time are estimates only. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the customer as a result of any late delivery.

8.9. In case of any dispute, our determination shall be final.

  1. Warehouse pickup service (applicable if you have selected to collect your order(s) at TESCO warehouse)

9.1. You will be notified by us via phone or email when your ordered goods are available for collection.

9.2. Please collect your purchased item(s) at TESCO warehouse within 14 days from the designated date of collection during the specified business hours (10:00am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm)

9.3. When you pick up the product in TESCO warehouse, you or your authorised representative will be required to produce your email for identity verification.  We may need you to provide further information to verify your identity (such as your full name or other personal information under your account profile).  If we are not satisfied that the person requesting to collect your order(s) is yourself or your authorised representative, we will refuse the collection of the order(s) in order to safeguard your interest.

9.4. If TESCO warehouse is closed due to weather or any other uncontrollable factors, you may pick up the products on the next business day when the warehouse is opened.

  1. Exchange and refund 

10.1. We provide you with “14 days product exchange and return service” as long as products is in perfect condition with unopened original packing. In such case, you can contact our customer service department to make arrangement for exchange. Otherwise under normal circumstances, we would not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.

If you decided to return an item, you will be responsible for the return delivery fee.

10.2. If we agree you are entitled to an exchange but the products to be exchanged are sold out, you may return such product to us and apply the amount paid to buy alternative product(s).

10.3. In exceptional case at our sole discretion, We will refund the amount in the same payment method used for purchase within approximately 14-21 working days, depending on your Bank.

10.4. If e-Vouchers and/or e-Coupons were redeemed for the relevant purchase, relevant adjustments will be made accordingly.

10.5. Original sales receipt or relevant electronic receipt must be produced to us for the request of a product exchange.

10.6. All gift items must be returned together with the returned products. Otherwise the retail value of the gift item would be deducted from the refund.

  1. Others

11.1. Title to the product shall remain vested in us until we receive full payment of the price, and risk shall pass to the customer upon delivery / collection of the product (as the case may be).

11.2. For any ordered goods remain undelivered for 30 days from the date of order confirmation, we shall have the right to dispose of such goods at our own discretion without further notice to you. In such event, we shall not be liable to make any refund or compensation to you.

11.3. We shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of revenue, loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever suffered, sustained or incurred by you or by other person arising (directly or indirectly) out of the sale and purchase transaction with you.

11.4. Third Party Rights. No rights are intended to be created hereunder for the benefit of any third party who are not named herein.

Lasted updated on 1 December 2020