WE-56 Alegra Contra-angle Handpiece

* 1:1
* press-button chuck system
* head size Ø 10.1 mm
* for contra-angle burs Ø 2.35 mm
* without light
* without spray

Treatment of your patients is very efficient and extremely safe with Alegra. Alegra contra-angle handpieces »Made in Austria« and designed with proven W&H quality.

* Fatigue-free working thanks to easy 360° rotation
* »Thermo washer disinfectable« range = sleeve outer diameter of 20 mm
* Optimal view of the treatment site due to small head
* Simple, rapid bur changes with low actuating force thanks to push-button chuck system
* Optimal cooling of the treatment site thanks to external spray clip (optional)
* Maximum robustness and durability thanks to high-quality materials
* Time and cost savings thanks to the ability to replace the most important components on site (head change)
* Sterilizable