TE-97 Alegra Turbine Handpiece (for RQ-03 / RQ-04 / RQ-14)

* with ceramic ball bearings
* without light
* triple spray
* 14 W
* head size Ø 10.4 mm

Discover the new Alegra turbines with extremely quiet operation for daily use in your practice. Designed to meet your needs with state-of-the-art technology. Made in Austria: For your best treatment results.

* Optimal view and illumination of the treatment site thanks to generator
technology in the coupling, optimal position of the LED and the small turbine head
* Extremely quiet operation and long service life due to ceramic ball bearings in turbines
* Vibration-free and quiet operation thanks to precise manufacturing
* Perfect spray function thanks to internal water filters
* Fast removal of tooth mass thanks to extremely high torque
* Optimal cooling of the treatment site
* Simple, rapid bur changes with press-button chuck system for FG turbine burs Ø 1,6 mm
* Thermo washer disinfectable
* Sterilizable