Aceton Pierre Rolland Riskontrol Art (Orange/Mandarine)

* 250 non sterile tips/box
* Color: Orange/Mandarine

SAFE - Protection for the patient, the practitionner and assistants. Reduced risk of direct or cross-contamination. No risk of ingestion: safety-locking device.
FLEXIBLE - Flexible tips, very easy to bend. Non shape-memory: keep the ideal curve.
DRY AIR - Two separate tubes guide air and water from the syringe to the end of the tip, ensuring totally dry air.
ECONOMICAL - Saves time (no need for cleaning/ disinfection / sterilization, so no need to ensure traceability).
ECOLOGICAL - Tips made from entirely recyclable food-quality plastic. Environmentally-friendly. Pollution free in the case of combustion.
UNIVERSAL - Adapters available for any type of equipment. Adapters in anodized aluminium, propylux, stainless steel or resin, very easy to screw or clip onto the syringe of your unit.