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TESCO Established in 1974, TESCO is a leading dental supplier in Hong Kong SAR and China. The family owned company is based in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing distributing dental products to over 100 cities in China

The founder Mr. Tak Cheung together with VITA ZAHNFABRIK was one of the few people introducing metal ceramic to China in early 1980s

In order to support the dentistry development in China, the company has been working closely with different major academic institutions in developing clinical studies and conducting researches

Tesco Dental (H.K.) Ltd. is the leading dental supplier in Hong Kong SAR with subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan. We offer all facets of comprehensive, contemporary dental products and equipment for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories. Our professionals dedicated to provide training in state-of-the art technology and optimal procedures to lead the modern dentistry to the next level.Tesco Dental is offering users to enjoy the quality services and technical supports, to leave a lasting smile with our genuine aesthetics concept. We will listen to your concerns and address each one with compassion and wise counsel.